Vacation much?

Vacation or seasonal hold was introduced to accommodate requests from our seasonal customers that wanted to maintain active service during only part of the year.  A minimum of 3 consecutive months of active service is required.

By requesting Vacation all of your important subscriber information will remain in our customer billing database and you will keep your phone number.  Keep in mind, the date you choose to leave can vary every year, so you will need to contact Customer Service every year to request this plan.  Services are turned back on only after a phone call from you on a date not more than 9 months from the Vacation date.  

If you have a fiber connection at your home, click here for important battery backup information to ensure your equipment continues to work after the winter months.    

If you decide to come back for a week in the middle of your Vacation time-frame, we can turn it back on for a minimal service order fee and will charge (pro-rated) only the days you have active service.  This option is available once every 30 days.

Call your local office if this plan sounds just right for you!

Vacation ( Billed in advance ) $25.00+tax
Mid-Vacation Activation Fee $10.00
Service Order Fees $10.00